18 inokuma-cho, higashikujyo, minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan

Map to Toji DX Theater

Following pictures will show you the detail.

Map 1
There is a map available at the ticket gate of Kintetsu Kyoto Hachijyoguchi Station.

Map 2
Front picture of the ticket gate of Kintetsu Station. This is the map.

Map 3
You can see Toji (Temple) on the peripheral map.

Direction from JR / Kintetsu Kyoto (Hachijyoguchi) Station.

Map 4
Go outside and cross the road toward a Karaoke shop.

Map 5
Turn right at the Karaoke shop and go straight about 100 m. You can see "New Miyako Hotel".

Map 6
Go farther straight then you can see "Ramen Tenka Ippin" soon.

Map 7
Cross this junction to the left toward "Cosmo Petroleum Co.".

Map 8
Turn right at the street between "Cosmo Petroleum Co." and "Seven Eleven". You can buy some presents for the strippers here. (Laugh)

Map 9
Go straight this road about 200 m, then you will find Toji (Temple).

Map 10
Go straight.

Map 11
You are here at DX Toji Theater! It locates in the center of the residential area.

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