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History of Amateur Striptease Shows

Brand New-Tokyo dancing stage.

Super dancing stage emarged in the theater!
Powerful disco time followed、
audience are excited franticly.
About 20 dancing queens on the super stage
exhibiting extreamly sexy dancing.

Budweiser Girls Club

Over 10 budweiser girls, wearing most popular budweiser's body conscious suit will show up.
You can get various services from them while you are in your seat. You can also pick up
special services such as "Pink Service in the private compartment room", etc.

Confinement and Rape of Girls Students

Title is very intensive.
However, we do exactly the title indicates.
We confine girls using handcuffs and ropes.
Then it is up to you, clients;
please enjoy whatever you want to do with them.
Continuous screaming and gasping will definitely
lead you into the stage of excitement.

Feeling couple

Love may occur between an amateur girl and a client.
Newest Feeling couple machine familiar with "Big Propose Strategy" will show up.
If you make a couple with an amateur gir,
you can get presents such as her "Cellular Phone No.", etc.

Mat Max

We create "Mattress Play" spreading air mattress on the stage and laying clients.
Inexperienced service scene of amateur girls will make you extreamly excited.
Every clients on stage seem like very satisfied with coming in her mouth.

98 Worldcup Lotion Soccer

Rule is to put the baloon into the goal without using hand.
You can prevent opposite side scoring a goal.
Therefore the game becomes so excited.
You can see the girls pussy becasue game is soccer using legs a lot.
Eventually, somehow, the game becomes a battleroyal.
More stimulus than lotion wrestling ???
Extreamly sexy and naughty battle guide the theater into a panic pot.


Communication time among amateur girls and clients. First impression, judement of body affinity, freetime and confession time. If you can become a couple with a girl, your new relationship with her will begin.

Confinement and Taming of Gilrs Students

We tame girl students using various torturing tools.
The girls first annoied the action.
However, they are eventually driven into the excitement
and finally into the stage of ecstacy.
Can you stand the serious stage of
many fainting and going mad girls?

Travel down through Japan Ultraquiz

Clients can participate as many as they want.
Every question is Yes and No answer. When the girls lost the quiz,
as a penalty they have to take of their close one by one.
Clients are exclueded from penalty.
If you won the final quiz, you will get gorgeous presents.

Amateur Parlor Trick Show

Even an amateur girl has at least one tirck.
Sexy tricks similar to "Hanadensha", "Shiofuki" are worth watching.
We happened to proceed "Shaving show".
What is Part Timer Show (Amateur) ?

By hiding their face, even normal students and OL are going to take off thier cloth for the sake of money. Under the normal condition you will never have the chance to see these girls doing like this.
The flavor of Part Timer Show is to see the girls, once they get used to the situation, gradually become bold.
In Part Timer Show, no professionals are involved. Every girls are amateurs; therefore so many happenings, which brought the popularity in this show, will entertain you.

History of amateur show

  • Lotion Romance Porno--Throw lotion over the girls and tease and tease them.

  • Ultimate! Confrontation of amateur shows---Amateur show olimpic competition from all over the theaters in Japan.

  • The Interview---------Reproduce the interview of amateur girls and make them naughty things.

  • New development! Insertion of alien substances-----Insert anything what you want.

  • XP Orgy party-------3P,4P--How many can you do, orgy battle.

  • Miraculous Hypnosis Show----Hypnotize girls and tease them.

  • Cruel Torture Show-----Crucified girls and torture them out.

  • Lotion wrestling---Girls fights each other with lotion all over them.

  • Hummer price-----Put up the girls belongings at the public auction.

  • 70's Dancing Stage-----Dancing stage of memorable twist and gogo.

  • Reverse Sexual Massage-----Professional masseur will lead amateur girls into ecstasy.

  • Physical Examination of Girl Students----Clients pretend to be school health doctors. It will be shown on the big screen.

  • Burning Challenger----Mimic from TV series. If you cleared obstacles, you can get the prize.

  • Samba Carnival-----Girls big parade in flamboyant costume.

  • Aiding Friendship with Girl Student----Please negotiate with all girls directly. It is up to you.

  • Incest---------Real! Parent and child or brother and sister will show up. A rare program.

  • Game party--------Dozen's of initmating games for clients and amateur girls.

  • Pothunter in Hot Water-------Mimic from TV program. How long can the girls put up in 50 degrees C ?

  • Gang raping of T University Students-Revive of that sensational event. The scene pained us great deal.

  • Burst into laughter, regected programs----Show of rejected programs applied by clients.

  • Dancing Team-----2?5名のチームステージ。Quality was unequaled.

  • Full Moon Party---Girls are braking into clients' seat and proceed oral job. It was too extreme to continue.

  • Masturbation and Lesbian------Basic is important. Natural show as usual.

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